Macon Idol Judges Choose Three Finalists

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By NewsCentral Staff


Updated: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 11:23:27 EST

People from all over the state put their talent to the test Saturday for a chance to win a trip to see American Idol. Hundreds of people tried to hit the right notes at WGXA’s Macon Idol in the Macon Mall. The winner and a friend will fly to Los Angeles to see the big two hour finale of American Idol on May 16. It was tough competition, but contestants said they were just happy for the opportunity. "At first I was nervous but when you get up there it's like just, sing how you want too," Aja Smart said. "Very nerve wracking,” Ryan Watson said. “I've sang a lot of places but it's just nervous because you know a lot of judges judging you and all." The three finalists are Steven Little of Macon, Tyrus Turner of Macon and Alvin Purnell also of Macon. The contestants will each appear on the WGXA morning news on FOX 24 this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They will sing a song, we'll get acquainted with them, and the winner will be announced Friday morning on WGXA FOX 24.

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