Macon Public Safety Committee Approves Neutering

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 11:14:38 EST

"I think this will be done very professional. I think it will give people a chance to get their pets spayed and neutered." -Edwina Barnes/Humane Association of Georgia.

That's Humane Association of Georgia Founder Edwina Barnes addressing the Public Safety Committee of Macon City Council about the proposed Spay and Neuter Ordinance.

Sponsored by council member Nancy White, it would require all pets in the city to be spayed or neutered with several exceptions including pure bred show animals and rescue dogs among others. The ordinance also requires unaltered pets to have a permit, tags, and be microchipped. Violators will face up to a $500 fine.

Many spoke on both sides of the issue, those against called it unenforcible.

"Citizens who do not feel that they can afford the cost of all this licensing will not do so. They will still have their dogs and they will ignore the law. That makes them criminals under this ordinance." -Gordon Turner/Macon Kennel Club

"I think there are a lot of very responsible dog owners and animal owners in the city that are going to find this cumbersome and very expensive. They're going to be taxed." -Ann Parmen/Animal Activist

After an hour of discussion by the committee, the ordinance passed by a 3 TO 2 vote.

"Its a very controversial ordinance.I absolutely recognize that.But as the Rabbi so eloquently said, we've got to do something. You know you keep on doing the same thing you'll keep on getting the same results which is simply unacceptable." -Nancy White/Ordinance Sponsor

The ordinance must still be passed by the full council before going into effect.

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