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Macon Water Authority Unveils Bust of Frank Amerson

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 10:25:48 EST

More than a year after his death, former chairman Frank Amerson's presence is still felt at the Macon Water Authority. Now, an image of the utility's former leader will be far more visible.

Thursday night, a bust of his likeness was unveiled at WMA's headquarters. It will be featured in the lobby of the water authority where Amerson served for 36 years, 30 of those, as chairman.

"I had a deep appreciation for Frank he was a very dear friend. But I value and am greatful for the good work he did in our community." -- Dr. Kirdby Godsey, Macon Water Authority Chairman

Among his many achievements with the Macon Water Authority, Mr. Amerson was instrumental in securing federal and state funds to rebuild the water treatment facility after the destructive flood of 1994.

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