Man Faces Terrorism Charges After Incident at Bank

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Updated: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 08:45:06 EST

A Milledgeville man was charged Tuesday with making terrorist threats and acts after he allegedly asked a bank teller for money and then threatened her.

Charlie Brinkley allegedly walked into Exchange Bank Tuesday morning and demanded $1,000 from a teller because he said his account was overdrawn. When she declined, Brinkley allegedly hold her he would shoot her.

The teller called the branch manager, who called police and then attempted to talk with Brinkley before he left the bank.

Brinkley was arrested at a traffic stop by Milledgeville officers who had been told of the car he was driving.

Brinkley allegedly told police he should never have made the comments inside the bank. He was taken into custody and transported to the police department.

Because the bank is operating under the Federal Deposit Insurance Co., the FBI was contacted. Brinkley was charged with making terrorist threats and acts against Brinkley. He was also trespassed from all Exchange Branches.

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