Mayoral Candidates Wrap Up Runoff Campaigns

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Updated: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 09:55:09 EST

Whether they're helping tear down abandoned homes or talking to people at the Macon Transit Authority, both former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis and incumbent Mayor Robert Reichert know what's at stake for Tuesday's runoff.

"This type of election one vote is a landslide, so we win by one vote that's fine, but we're asking, we're not conceding one vote, we're contesting for every vote in Macon and Bibb County," said Ellis.

Ellis says he's talking to everyone he can find everywhere he goes, handing out fliers at the transit authority and getting information from people who need rides to the polls.

"We are mainstream, we are with the people, and that's where the votes are and we're going after them,"  Ellis said.

Reichert says he is tending to his duties as mayor while letting his campaign staff do the door to door work.

"Touch base with (the voters) to see if we can't get them to make sure to turn out and vote tomorrow and remind them that tomorrow is election day," Reichert said.

Besides a half an hour of waving at cars passing by in Macon, Reichert says he is stumping for votes by going about his normal routine, addressing the blight problem in Macon, and meeting with people during his Mayor's Night In event.

"Address situations like the one in the background, dilapidation and blight, and redevelopment of neighborhoods so that every neighborhood is safe and attractive," Reichert said.

While Ellis and Reichert are going about their last minute campaigning in different ways, both can't stress enough how important it is for people in Bibb County to vote.    

"I encourage everyone to go back to the polls tomorrow, and vote, and obviously I ask them to vote for Jack Ellis for mayor," Ellis said.

"Anywhere in Bibb county you can vote in the mayor's race, and we hope to have a strong turnout of people that will express the will of this community for how we move forward and into the future," Reichert said.

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