Medical Cannabis Passes Committee

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 10:26:41 EST

The Health and Human Services Committee of the State House has unanimously approved House Bill 885 on use of medical marijuana in Georgia.

Prior to the meeting, Representative Allen Peake addressed one of the bill's roadblock by adding some new language to the bill. That roadblock being where the state would get the marijuana that would be used to synthesize the medical liquid.

The change in the bill would allow an approved Georgia academic medical center to cultivate, process and distribute the medical cannabis.

"We addressed a lot of issues, addressed a lot of challenges and obstacles we still have on the bill but it did pass unanimously out of committee." -- Allen Peake

If approved, the medical marijuana would not be smoked but would rather be taken either as a pill or liquid.

The THC which is the agent responsible for the high gotten from smoking the drug would be removed leaving only the medicinal chemicals.

Peake says he hopes to move the bill to the House floor for approval by Monday.

Chace Ambrose, WGXA

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