Middle Georgia Animal Rescue Group Hits Capacity, Turns Away Critical Dogs

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By NewsCentral Staff


Updated: Fri, 31 May 2013 10:04:00 EST

A Middle Georgia animal rescue group is at capacity and is turning away sick dogs. Critical Care for Animal Angels said it must reject more than 10 dogs a day that need medical treatment. The Middle Georgia based group specializes in caring for sick and injured animals and nursing them back to health. However, it’s an epic struggle to not only adopt out but to find foster or forever homes for the dogs. "So many dogs and no fosters,” group president Regenia Brabham said. “There's nowhere for them to go so we're unable to pull anymore dogs in," The non-profit organization started last August and does not have a shelter. Brabham and her volunteers rely on fosters and are licensed to take care of only 40 animals. They hit capacity two months ago. "We turn away at least 10 to 20 a day, every day,” Brabham said. “I cry a lot because we want to help them all and it hurts to turn away a dog that you know needs you." Animals that aren’t fostered, board at Southwood Animal Hospital in Warner Robins. There are currently six dogs at the hospital. The number may seem relatively small, but it can cause big problems. "I don't want to say a situation, but sometimes we do have to call and say, look we really need the kennel space, we're on call, we have an emergency, do you have somewhere for this one to spend the night?" hospital manager Linda Carson said. However, it's not just room the dogs take up. "Cost wise I can definitely say we don't make any money doing any rescue, you know because by the time you feed them on a daily basis and also pay you know the staff to care of them, there's not a profit margin there." They may not see green, but Carson said her staff is rewarded in other ways. "It's one way we can give back to the community and to help with these animals that have nobody," she said. However the dogs need someone in order for the rescue group to continue helping dogs with their medical needs. "We are at our limit, we can't take in anymore until we have adoptions and we need fosters." The rescue group will be at an adoption event at Tractor Supply in Warner Robins on Saturday. To see which dogs need adoption and fostering visit: https://www.facebook.com/CriticalCareForAnimalAngels?ref=ts&fref=ts

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