Middle Georgia's Economic Outlook Discussed at the Museum of Aviation

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 10:29:44 EST

Things are looking better they're improving, we're coming out of the great recession. I think we're going to have a good year in 2014."

Charles Knapp is interim dean of the University of Georgia Terry School of Business. He predicts a strong economic year for the state and Middle Georgia.

Knapp, along with Mercer University Economics Professor Roger Tutterow presented their 2014 economic outlook for Georgia and the region at the Museum of Aviation.

Knapp predicts the continuation of job recovery and manufacturing growth in the state.

"The economic growth the gross domestic product will be significantly above the rest of the country this year."

Tutterow says this will trickle down locally: "i think it's the first year since the recession ended where things are going to start to feel normal again."

He predicts Macon will see growth in retail space and business services like education as well as healthcare.

"As Macon moves north and draws in more the surrounding counties into its economic net you will continue to see growth in those sectors."

In Warner Robins, Tutterow says the payroll growth was flat last year: "Part of that is is ramping up the pace of activity at the base for many years essentially it has plateaued for the near term and of course with sequestration and some of the other issues in Washington, those economies that are very closely tied to the federal public sector have not seen the activity they may have otherwise seen."

But businesses like agriculture are growing as well as the housing market.

Good news for Baldwin County which may look to prosper on Lake Sinclair development.

"We're optimistic about the return of construction and home purchases."

Overall good news for a region and state as it looks to continuing grow into 2014.

Cristen Drummond, WGXA

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