Mother Angry Over Denial of Son's Bond

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Updated: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 10:58:36 EST

A Macon Bibb teen accused of assault and armed robbery has been in jail without bond since October of 2013 and his mother says it's an injustice. The woman and her son's lawyer say the teen is just a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nineteen-year-old Treyon Reeves’ story begins at Kim's Used Furniture on the 5500 block of Bloomfield Drive. A police incident report from August 2013 says three men robbed the store, two acting as a lookout while a third went inside, flashed a gun, and demanded money. According to the report, the three men then ran off.

Two months later Reeves' mother Tameka Johnson says her son was arrested at their home. Johnson says her son sat in jail for more than 4 months without being indicted. After constantly complaining to the District Attorney's office, Johnson says prosecutors added more charges and her son was ultimately denied bond in March.

"I feel like my son is being railroaded and they know exactly who committed the crime, yet they refuse to bring charges against them," Johnson said.

Johnson concedes her son was with the two other men, but says he didn't know there was going to be a robbery. Reeves' lawyer even produced what appears to be witness statements showing the teen fought one of the robbers after the incident, because he was angry about what had happened.

"He's not a trouble maker, he's a good kid, he has a job, he goes to school, he's trying to go to the military, and I just feel like it's my God given duty as a mother to fight for my son as well as many others,” Johnson said.

Johnson says she has gathered other witness statements including one from the store's owner, stating her son was not involved in the robbery.

"I feel like when you have the victims supporting you, that should be enough," Johnson said.

But one eyewitness, the store owner's daughter Diana Kim says it's impossible that Reeves didn't know what was going on, as the gunman went in and out of the store to ask the lookouts if the police were coming.

"There's absolutely no way, the gun was in his hand, there was a stocking covering half his face," Kim said.

Kim says her father knows very little English and didn't understand the witness statement that he signed.

"I don't know how they got his signature, I don't know if he was fully aware of what he was signing, but that's completely nonsense," Kim said.

District Attorney David Cooke says he can't comment on the facts of the case, but says Reeves was denied bond because he is a threat to the community, a threat to influence witnesses, and a threat to re-offend.

Sheriff's Office investigators also declined to comment, leaving Reeves in jail, and Johnson missing her son.

"I just want everything done right, my son should be free," Johnson said.

Reeves lawyer says a trial is scheduled for next week, but he has asked for a continuance so he can review more evidence.

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