New Social Media Guidance for Bibb County Deputies

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 11:46:28 EST

The constitution gives us freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean freedom from the potential consequences of that speech. That's why people can be fired for what they say or do on social media sites.

Now a new policy by Bibb County Sheriff David Davis is deisgned to curtial the online activities of Bibb deputies as it applies to social media.

"There have been instances where law enforcement officers have identified themselves as being part of a particular agency and they go on their Facebook and say, 'Oh I went to court on this dirtbag I arrested last week.' and make disparaging comments about that so its one of those kind of things where you want to tighten it up so they'll know that we in law enforcement are held to a higher standard." - Bibb County Sheriff David Davis

The new policy will only affect sworn officers if they've made it public on their profiles that they work for the Bibb County Sheriff's Office.

Meaning, deputies may post less than flattering comments as long as they stay anonymous.

"Now if they do not identify themselves as working in law enforcement or working for the sheriff's office specifically, their freedom of speech is uninfringed. They can say whatever they want to about anything." - Bibb County Sheriff David Davis

All deputies had to return a signed form saying they have received, read and understand the new policy. Once consolidation takes place, Macon police officers who become deputies must adhere to the new social media policy as well.

Chace Ambrose WGXA

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