November Tornadoes Unusual but not Unique

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Updated: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 03:20:11 EST

The violent storm system that moved across the Midwest Sunday results in 68 reports of tornadoes.

And while storms this strong in November may not be all that common, they are possible and have happened before.

Before Sunday, only 19 EF-4 tornadoes had ever been reported during the month of November. Sadly, six people dies in the storms in Illinois, making it the deadliest November tornado outbreak ever in that state.

While tornadoes aren't unheard of in the Midwest in November, it's much more likely that violent storms would form in the Southeast, because of the need for warm humid air to fuel the storms. The warm humid air clashes in the storm system with cool, dry air aloft and creates violent weather.

In the state of Georgia, November has brought 95 tornadoes, seven of them ranked as EF-3 or stronger. That means winds of 135 to 165 miles per hour.

December has brought 104 tornadoes to Georgia, eight rated E-3. That's why late autumn is called Georgia's second severe weather season.

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