Pamela Moss Found Guilty of Murder

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Updated: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 05:42:47 EST

Her only defense to murder was "multiple personality disorder", but a jones county jury didn't buy it.

It only took them thirty minutes to deliberate and come back with a verdict of guilty of malice and felony murder.

Judge Trent Brown sentenced Pamela Moss to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the March 2012 murder of Doug Coker.

"She now knows that she is going to die in prison," said Frank Houge, who served as Moss’ defense lawyer, just moments after the sentencing. “The verdict was appropriate given the facts of the case."

The Jones County District Attorney’s office says that Moss deserves to die in prison. Fred Bright added that they only way she needed to come out of state prison is in a coffin.

Judge Trent Brown called the killing intellectually calculated during his sentencing.

Earlier in the trial, Moss' defense team argued moss has multiple personalities and wasn't in her right mind when Doug Coker was murdered back in March of last year, but before sentencing, the victim's wife, Judy Coker, says she doesn't believe Moss's defense.

Judy Coker also gave an emotional recollection of her life with her husband and how she’d never get back the times that they shared. She shared the pet names he had for her and spoke about his infections laugh. Several family members gathered in the courtroom for what they are calling a good outcome.

Keagan Waystack is an Assistant District Attorney in Jones County and has been working with the family closely since the case began. She says that they family of Doug Coker can now have closure.

"I am happy because the family has gotten what they deserve they have gotten the answers quite frankly that they deserve," she said. "They feel as though Ms. Moss is not mentally ill and the state agrees with them and that this was quite frankly another way for her to get out of what's she's done and not answer to what she has done and the jury has returned a verdict that in fact holds her accountable."

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