Parents Warned About Leaving Kids in a Car

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Updated: Thu, 01 Aug 2013 05:15:51 EST

It’s an alarming statistic.

Doctor Edward Clark says, "Something like 30-50 kids a year  die in parked cars from heat stroke."

Unfortunately a kid dying from being left in a hot car is a real problem. And according to on average, 30 kids die each year in the U.S. alone.

Doctors say never leave your child alone in a car not even for a minute.

The temperature inside of a car can rise twenty degrees warmer than it is outside within just 10 minutes.

Doctor Clark says, "It’s like being in an oven temperatures above 125-130 degrees are very easily attained."

A small child does not tolerate heat as well as an adult. Injuries can be deadly.

"In a child there is a lot of material of life packed into a relatively small surface area and that body surface area is where you lose heat. And so a temperature can go up much faster in a child," said. Dr. Clark.

Experts say these terrible accidents can be preventable by simply having a visual reminder.

Doctor Clark says, “Take your purse put it next to that infant’s seat in the back seat every time. That's just a habit and that way, when you have to get out the car you get your purse out there's the baby."

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