Prayer Service In Dublin Yields No Participants After Spiritual Protest

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Updated: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 07:57:40 EST

For months, the "Dublin girls run" running group has exercised inside the Dublin mall. After they work out, they pray. That's until a security officer told them they couldn't. The community responded,  by protesting through prayer.

Thursday, the Goodwill job connection opened their doors to the public for prayer. The seats were empty.

"When services are offered to people, they don't tend to want to accept those services," says Suzette Dance, who works at the Goodwill job connection. They're displeased with the turnout but cant say they didn't expect it.

"I'm not surprised because a lot of people in the community want their fifteen minutes of fame and so when the incident blew up, a lot of people came out," says Dance.

From 400 people showing up, to none. Candice and Suzette hope more people stop in to pray in the future. They feel the running group should be able to continue exercising their right.

"We don't want the fame, we don't want to be seen, we just want to do what's right. They want to grow physically, mentally and physically and that's what they were doing," Dance says.

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