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Questions for the Warner Robins Mayoral Candidates: Part 1

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 11:44:35 EST

The election for the next Mayor of Warner Robins is rapidly approaching.

I sat down with each of the six mayoral candidates and asked them the same question, "What is the main problem facing Warner Robins and what do you plan to do about it. Here are their responses.

"Well I think that obviously the biggest problem facing Warner Robins is any future BRAC. What happens in that situation. I think the way we handle that is first we put our own house in order and we take care of Warner Robins and we make sure that we have a city government that people can trust." -Randy Toms

"Everybody's got drugs in their community. Everybody's got blight. Everybody's got areas that need revitalization and cleanup. We have all that. We need to form a team and pick out a target area in town and start there and encourage people to clean up their properties." -Joe Musselwhite

"Number one is economic development or the lack thereof. Finishing projects that are on the table and for the lack of economic development and facilities in the area. We have we don't have the marketing foundation to go out and sell the city." -Daron D. Lee

"Crime. Property crime. Not violent crime, but property crime. Property crime is up 38% in the city over the last 5 years and we need a way to curb that and the best way to do that is with boots on the ground and having more patrol officers. We currently have 8 slots open for police officers and I think another 3 for school resource officers." -Mike Brashear

"Well I don't know that there's a major problem but obviously we have big issues in Warner Robins. The BRAC of 2017 is a big obstical that's in front of us. Its also a great opportunity for us to grow if we're prepared. So I want to make sure that we are prepared to deal with BRAC and then how do we diversify our economy so we can continue to grow outside of Robins Air Force Base" -Chuck Chalk

"Well I think the major one is keeping Robins Air Force Base is the most important. We all realize that. And fortunately we do have the 21st century partnership which they know what they're doing. General McMahon has briefed us candidates

We'll continue with part 2 of this series on Wednesday and part 3 on Friday

Chace Ambrose, WGXA

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