Reichert Reacts to Win, Ellis Offers Helping Hand

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 10:39:53 EST

In the wake of Tuesday nights runoff win, Consolidated Mayor-Elect Robert Reichert says he's getting ready for the challenges he'll face as the first mayor of the new government.

Reichert says one of the biggest challenges is reducing the budget without eliminating jobs.

Meanwhile C. Jack Ellis says despite losing the runoff, he wants to work with the new government and help if asked.

"I want to stay involved in the community and try to help in any way I can to work on some of my signature issues which of course reducing crime and reducing or eliminating poverty in this town those are the things I want to work on." -- Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis

"Obviously there may be some people who choose to retire. This might be a time where people were about ready to retire and this may just be a good time. So there may be some attrition. As people retire we may not have to fill that slot we just merge those job duties in with a different one." -- Consolidated Mayor-Elect Robert Reichert

Reichert says the consolidation will bring the city and county together with one voice.

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