Remembrance Ceremony Turns Into Rally to Stop Violence

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Updated: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 12:37:01 EST

A remembrance ceremony for a Macon murder victim Thursday turned into a rally to stop the violence, as two elected officials spoke to a packed house crowd at the Alexander Ball Room in West Macon Bibb County.

 The crowd for Aricka “Lottie Dottie” Jarrell spilled outside during the ceremony. Bibb County Sheriff David Davis spoke about her murder giving a glimpse of hope and comfort to family and friends.

"Aricka Lottie Dottie was truly an innocent victim,” Davis said. “But to the family I can tell you and we will be able to tell more, but Lottie Dottie didn't go down without a fight."

Jarrell, who would have been celebrating her 24th birthday Thursday, and 32-year-old Ralph Heard were found shot to death inside a car behind a home on Fairburn Avenue on May 30th.

Jarrell’s family says she was a local musician and entrepreneur who graduated from Westside high school and often volunteered time and money to the local boys and girls club.

The family says a foundation has been set up in her honor called “Lottie Luvs Da Kidz.”

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