Reoccuring Robberies Plague Warner Robins Neighborhood

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Updated: Wed, 09 Apr 2014 03:49:51 EST

Mia Boone was home when several teenagers tried to break into her home earlier this year. "I was very scared for my life, not knowing what to expect and just me and my mother-in-law home alone," said Boone.

Several homes in the Warner Robins subdivision have been broken into in the last few months. Neighbors tell me the suspects keep an eye on residents' schedules to know when to attack.

"No sooner than they leave, that's when they're breaking in. When they come back home after maybe an hour they've been broken into, a lot of their belongings have been taken," said Boone.

One of the suspects, only 18 years old, was recently thrown in jail for 2nd degree burglary.

Christopher Buckles has lived in the Honey Ridge plantation subdivision for almost a year. "Alot of break-in's been happening like home invasion," said Buckles.

The recent burglaries in his neighborhood have raised his concern for his two children. "As a father, it really bothers me that it has been a lot of break ins in the neighborhood," Buckles said.

Both of his sons have had their toys stolen in the past. "iPod, Xbox 360. We had to purchase my son some new stuff to play with," said Buckles.

Neighbors tell me the thieves live in one of several homes on Mauldong court. They say that they get together in groups wearing black hoodies, then target homes in the neighborhood.

I talked with the mother of some of the boys on that block. She denied her sons and their friends were involved and didn't like that the neighbors were singling them out.

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