Residents Respond to Proposed New Development for Downtown Gray

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 10:45:44 EST

"Best I understand they're wanting to take the businesses right here in this area including this building and turn it into a park/parking lot for the courthouse." -- Alice McGowan, uncertain about redevelopment

Alice McGowan is uncertain about the future of William's Hauling and Barrett's Auto Truck Repair. The businesses operate out of the Old Gus Butler Garage, right across the street from the courthouse in an area proposed for redevelopment.

"The only problem I have with that is, I'm all for the town making progress and being beautified but they also need to consider the inconvenience and maybe help us find a more affordable way to find a new place to move."

The Gray Downtown Development Authority has a master plan to not only improve the area in front of the courthouse but the 6 road intersection next to nearby train tracks. New shops, sidewalks, buildings and even a park like area are planned, all in an effort to revitalize the downtown area.

No one involved with the project would speak to me on camera about it, but Joe Thomas thinks it will help Gray, which doesn't have a town square.

"Anything any kind of an improvement we can do to help out the businesses." -- Joe Thomas, Gray Resident

Thomas notes a bypass is expected to be built around Gray's downtown, cutting down traffic. He says revitalization may help draw people to the town once that happens, sustaining businesses.

As for McGowan, she is sitting put until she knows otherwise. But if she does leave, McGowan has an idea on how the building can used.

"Maybe make pavilions out of it or something."

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