School Copes During Tornado

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Updated: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 09:24:30 EST

Trinity Christian School in Dublin learned first-hand why they practice tornado drills every year.  Friday’s tornado in Laurens and Johnson Counties came very close to the school, giving students and administrators a quick lesson in tornado preparedness.    

"I was a little scared.  We were singing a lot and that calmed me down a little," explains Isabella Ingrando, a 5th grader at the school.

Damage from the twister can be seen just 100 yards from the school. 

High school student, Madison Bishop, says the students crouched in the hallways and sang songs like “Jesus Loves Me” to stay calm during the storm.  Bishop explains, “It was kind of a way to release my nerves, and it made me feel a lot better.  I could breathe again."

Students piled into the hallways Friday and took position while the tornado spiraled toward their school.

One home was destroyed and 59 others were damaged.  There is a 17-mile path of down trees through Laurens and Johnson Counties that shows the tornado’s destruction.  Fortunately, only one minor injury was reported. 

Anna Belle Veal, a Trinity Christian School student, says, “I started to panic just a little bit because it's a very scary situation, but thank goodness it didn't actually come to where we were."

The school’s Head Master, Stan Couey says, “We're really blessed with the time that it did happen, because all of our students were in their classrooms at the time."

Now that a drill became a reality for them, future tornado drills will take on much more significance at Trinity Christian School.

Couey continues to explain, “I think in the future with what we've all experienced, that it will take on another level of meaning on the urgency of what we need to do."

Classes at Trinity were able to resume on Friday, because there was no damage to the school during the tornado.

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