Social Media Helps Reunite a Stolen Car with its Owner

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Updated: Tue, 08 Oct 2013 09:29:28 EST

Thanks to its unique paint, this Honda is one of the most easily recognizable cars in Macon, but over the weekend it was stolen.

"We parked it outside my apartment on Saturday night and it was gone the next morning. We called the police, they came out and did a report then I posted the photo of my car on Facebook and asked people to keep an eye out for it." -Holly Wood/Owner

The posting went viral.

"And we basically alerted the whole town to be on the lookout for the car." -Amber Whitley/Reposted Stolen Car Alert
I was among those to share the image of the stolen car on Facebook.

Someone who saw the post online called the Mayor's office with a tip, Chris Floore of the mayor's office called me and told me that the car had been spotted on Monroe Street. I drove our news vehicle down Monroe St, and found  the car.

The Macon Police department sent an officer out to get prints. Missing from the car was the radio, and an electric guitar that was in the trunk. The thieves abandoned the  car when it ran out of gas.

"As you can see we were able to solve the crime faster than it was able to be solved by the officials so I think in situations like this its definitely beneficial to use social media for that." -Amber Whitley/Reposted Stolen Car Alert

Now driver and car are reunited and  thankful that social media was able to bring them back together.

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