Special Olympics Winter Games In Houston County

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Updated: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 11:36:50 EST

On a rainy day inside the gymnasium of Veterans High school, there was no shortage of smiles. Students with special needs from several High schools and Middle schools in Houston county participated in winter special Olympics.

"It's so much fun just to see these kids get out there and have a good time," said Brenda Arnett. Arnett has more than 20 years experience working with children in Houston county. She says the level of competition is higher than some would expect. "A lot of people think its kids that are not very competitive, as you can see they're very competitive."

Chad Howard is a junior at Perry High School. He plays on the school's football team and has been asked to play on their basketball team. Howard has special needs, but like any other athlete, he loves the feeling he gets from being on the court. "It help me be nice to everybody, be good, everybody think I'm hero. look up to me."

Howard passed on his school's basketball team to concentrate on back-to-back first place honors in the state with his special needs team. He also wanted to play one last year with his best friend Zach before he graduates. "I want like make him feel good me playing with him."

Zach is a senior at Perry High. He says he cant remember how long he and Chad have been best friends. "We been best friends for a very long time."

What makes them so close? "Just the things he does for me and the things I do for him, said Zach."

Chad, Zach and the rest of the Perry special needs basketball team have set the bar high. They've taken on the spirit of their coach, Sheila Jones whose just as competitive as they are."I like to win and they like to win so plan on going to the state again to get another gold."

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