State of Emergency Declared Ahead of Severe Weather Threat

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Updated: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 09:49:19 EST

Governor Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency in Georgia ahead of likely severe weather to impact the region through Wednesday. The state of emergency will allow for resources needed for preparation and response in the counties hit by any storms.

Deal tells WGXA, “At this juncture, we’ve declared the emergency for the entire state because it’s impossible to pinpoint where the weather will hit. Georgia is threatened at least through tomorrow (Tuesday) and perhaps into Wednesday. We’re prepared now and we’ll be ready for recovery should we, God forbid, experience tornado damage or flooding."

When asked if schools should close or delay because of the threat of severe weather, Deal said, "The state is sending the latest weather information we have available to affected schools districts, so that they can make informed decisions as they plan for tomorrow."

The state of emergency will last until the threat of severe weather ends.

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