Statewide Glitches Affect Food Stamp Recipients

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 12:39:19 EST

"I've been calling for the last four days and I haven't reached anyone."

Food stamp recipient Sheila Walker is frustrated.

After running out of minutes on her cell phone, she visited the division of family and children services in Bibb County for help but no luck.

"The supervisor told me you have to wait till somebody answers the phone and I don't think that's fair." -- Sheila Walker, Food Stamp Recipient

Walker is like thousands around the state who are having trouble receiving their food stamps due to technical problems.

"There's also been a glitch in the notices that was sent out for people to come and get their food stamps renewed. This is a statewide problem, the notices do not come from Bibb County. They are sent out from Atlanta." -- Martha Blue, Bibb County DFCS Director

Not only were last month notices delayed, but all recipients now must call an 877 number instead of a case manager, as part of the new system called Georgia One.

"This number is very busy because of course if the entire state are receiving food stamps are trying to access that number." -- Martha Blue, Bibb County DFCS Director

Bibb county DFCS Director Martha Blue says Bibb County has been using Georgia One since July.

Blue says to help with the delays, the state has more phone personnel.

There is a backlog but the state has granted overtime to DFCS divisions like Bibb to fix the problem.

"We're working on it, we're giving it proper priority and of course that's the way we're going." -- Martha Blue, Bibb County DFCS Director

Until then, some like Walker will continue to call until she can get through and hopefully receive her food stamps.

"i don't like it but what can I do?" -- Sheila Walker, Food Stamp Recipient

Cristen Drummond, WGXA

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