Tattnall Square Academy's New High-Tech Learning System

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Updated: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 09:36:10 EST

Put down the pencils and paper, teaching is going high-tech at Tattnall Square Academy.

"You don't have to be at school to know what your homework is, on this network we have call schoology, you can look up your homework anytime you need to look at it," said student, Grace Morris.

Students started using a learning management system called Schoology through a pilot program last year in which they were able to bring their own devices to classrooms.

Now in full swing, this the first year the school is using the system with over 500 students.

In addition to Schoology, students also use Google applications such as Gmail and Google Drive for all of their documents.

Students can now leave the majority of their books in their lockers and slip their devices into their book bags without the weight load of heavy textbooks.

The line of communication is not limited, parents can also communicate with the teachers through the system and are able to monitor grades at any time.

"Our students can achieve their academic potential and accomplish their goals but they have those resources available to them via the internet 24/7," said tech staff, Nicki Neufeld.

It's not only a faster way to learn, it allows students to incorporate tools from the internet into various subjects.

"It allows us to open up the whole world as the classroom, the opportunities are limitless regardless of the subject we teach," said English teacher, Lynne Adams.

The school plans to eventually go completely paperless in the future but for now students are getting comfortable with the new software.

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