The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Fueling Research For ALS

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Updated: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 06:08:12 EST

If you've logged on to Facebook lately, there's no doubt you've seen icy water flooding your timelines. Your best friends and people all over the world doing it. Superstars known across the country, like Justin Timberlake and Martha Stewart have gotten in on the icy action. Local promoter Terrell Sandefur even took the challenge

Hundreds of thousands of social media users across the country have accepted the ice bucket challenge. Dumping a bucket of ice water on your head or, donate to ALS research instead.

"I can easily do it and its something that's helping a good cause," Sandefur says.

In just the last two weeks , participants raised 4 million dollars. ALS, also known as Lou Gherigs disease impacts the brain and spinal cord.

It stops people from, speaking, breathing and being able to use their muscles. But their brain is still in tact. Doctors don't have a cure. The disease strikes adults 30 and above at random. But the ice bucket challenge will help research.

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