The Shopping Disorder Suffered by Men Nationwide

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Updated: Tue, 24 Dec 2013 06:13:25 EST

"I just had to come and get a Christmas present for my brothers girlfriend, said Allie Ballard." Instances like this happen every single year come Christmas. It's not unique or even uncommon, just a sister helping her brother through Christmas shopping. "He probably just thought that he couldn't pick out something that she'd like good enough, so he sent me."

Grace Anderson is part owner of Ginger Michelle, a women's boutique in Macon.

Through six Christmas shopping seasons, she's seen men struggle with the bright colors and fancy fabrics. "Usually I'm like do you know what you want to get and they're like 'no' and I'm like ok do you want to do clothes or jewelry and they're like 'maybe clothes maybe jewelry' and I'm like ok do you know her size jewelry and they're like 'no' and I'm like, alright shot in the dark here."

Jonathan is the Director of Communications at the Macon Arts Alliance. "Guys end up procrastinating for a lot of reasons, one is that they may not know exactly what their looking for so they end up looking for a long time."

He says there are many unique pieces in his shop that can make the task of shopping more enjoyable. "There all unique, there all hand blown glass ornaments and I think they make a great gift because these are beautiful, there hand made and there's not another one like it in the world."

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