The Unsolved Death Of Nathaniel Jones Still Plagues His Mourning Family

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Updated: Fri, 17 Jan 2014 06:58:26 EST

"It's been three years now and its still a nightmare for me. It's a nightmare for me every day." Kathy Williams, the mother of Nathaniel Daniels still mourns the death of her son. She says she still has questions that haven't been answered.

Tomorrow, Williams and her family will hold a march in remembrance of Nathaniel. Williams says the goal of the march is simple, "stop the gang violence. not only for my son, but for others."

Nathaniel had nine siblings. His sister Iesha says this time of year is always difficult, "this is something that we have to deal with yearly. Something we have to live with until we leave this earth."

It's been three years since nathaniel died inside that home right there, tomorrow will mark the fourth since he's been gone. Kathy Williams, Nathaniel's mother says her son was caught in the crossfire of what may have been a drug deal gone wrong. She says its the lack of answers that she's gotten from law enforcement that have made mourning the death of her son even more difficult.

"It's a sense of depression. Always questioning in my mind. Always tryna put the pieces to the puzzle," Williams says. Kathy says tomorows march is for all those who have lost loved ones to violence. She says she hopes it can help decrease the violence that has plagued Macon.

"This is not the way to go, to be hurting each other, killing each other. we have to develop love. Learning to love one another."

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