Three Dogs Dead After Animal Shelter Break In

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Updated: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 03:06:01 EST

Volunteers at a Macon Animal Welfare Group say 3 dogs are dead, 4 are severely injured, and many more healing after someone broke into its facility early Thursday, let all the pit-bull breeds out of their enclosures and encouraged them to fight.

"We were horrified, we were scared for our dogs, we had no idea who was hurt," said All About Animals volunteer Lacey Templeton.

Templeton says volunteers arrived at the facility on Riverside Drive around 8 a.m. to feed and water the animals, only to find about 20 dogs outside of their pens fighting in the facilities courtyard.

Four dogs were able to escape the melee and were found wandering the streets. Templeton says the perpetrator likely scaled a fence, and let the dogs out, just to see them fight.

"It's disgusting that anybody would do that, it's just not even human, it's horrible," Templeton said.

With no security cameras, Templeton says the shelter has no leads on who broke into its facility, but her and other volunteers have a lot of work to do, to make sure something like this does not happen again.

"We will have significant (veterinary) bills and also would like to put in a security system, probably a series of cameras, and reinforced locks, and probably lots more barbed wire," Templeton said.

While Templeton and other volunteers are happy all dogs are now accounted for, she says to know that whoever did this is still out there is concerning.

"If anyone has any idea about who would have done this, if anyone is bragging, if anyone is talking about it, turn them in," Templeton said.

All About Animals Macon is accepting donations to help pay for veterinary bills and a new security system. If you would like to donate visit their Facebook page.

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