Two Robberies Within 48 Hours at Eisenhower Crossing

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Updated: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 04:29:20 EST

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office is investigating Friday two robberies within 48 hours of each other at Eisenhower Crossing.

The first happened Wednesday around 4 p.m. when MaryAnn Arnold who works at Marshalls was standing outside the retail store. An incident report states when Arnold left the business, a black man with a white shirt and blue jeans approached her.

“He said I'm going to shoot you if you don't give me your purse, so she wound up giving it to him and he walks off," Michael Arnold, MaryAnn’s husband said.

MaryAnn said she’s not allowed to speak with the media as per company policy.

The reports also states along with her purse the robber stole $375, a cellphone and her ID.

"Which has our address and since we have a kid it kind of makes me worry if they are going to try and come to the house or something," Michael said.

Then 24 hours later, investigators said two people held up a Game Stop in the same shopping area.

"We think that these two may be connected," Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said.

The suspects in the Game Stop robbery are from California. Davis said after Javon Britton allegedly robbed the store, he entered a car with MaryAnn Davis. A release states a customer followed and open fired on the car and shot Davis. Brtton drove down a steep embankment and stopped in front of Ashely Furniture HomeStore with four flat tires. Davis’s injuries were non-life threatening.

"Our investigators are checking back to track their activities over the last few weeks to see if they may have been involved in any other activities across the nation," Davis said

Despite two armed robberies in two days, Davis said commercial and personal armed robberies are down the first six months from the same time last year.

However, Marshalls seems to be increasing security by adding a guard outside the business which customers said is not usually there.

Mary Ann viewed the mug shot of Javon Britton and said he is not the man who robbed her despite investigators believing he may be connected with it.

"She says it's not, he was standing pretty close to her with a gun so I'm sure she knows exactly what he looks like," Arnold said.

Sheriff Davis suggests for people being robbed, to obey the person's demands. Also, victims should try to remember what the robber is wearing, their demeanor, and if a getaway car is used during the crime.

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