Walmart Eyeing Cochran

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Updated: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 05:48:34 EST

The city of Cochran may soon welcome the home of rolling back prices. City manager Ray Gibson confirms the city is in talks with Walmart to bring a store in town, but would not go any further with details.

Gibson says there has been positive as well as negative feed back from citizens which is natural with talks of the retail behemoth coming to a small town.

Several Cochran residents aren't happy with the news of the multi-billion dollar company making their city home but the majority welcome the potentially new shopping destination.

Cochran residents say they drive anywhere from 25 minutes to almost a hour to get to the nearest Walmart, and say having a Walmart in town is more convenient.

Residents say the see the store bringing in more jobs and business but are still aware of the chains history of moving into town and running small and local businesses out.

Speculation is the potential store will be a Walmart Neighborhood Market and not a Supercenter.
The company's Neighborhood Markets focus mainly on grocery and usually house a pharmacy as well.

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