Warner Robins' New Look

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Updated: Tue, 05 Aug 2014 11:13:38 EST

Crews clear the lawn in front of Warner Robins' City Hall in preparation for a rather large delivery.

"We wanted something here that connects us to our heartbeat and that's the Warner Robins Air Force Base," explains Warner Robins Economic Development Director, Gary Lee.

A F-15 fighter jet, like the one displayed at the entrance to the air force base, will be placed on a concrete pad outside city hall.  Lee says, "The F-15 is one of your prolific fighters that everybody knows about."

The fighter jet is not the only new addition to the city hall; the courtyard and the building will be getting a new look.  The 1970's city hall building will be modernized to coordinate with the streetscape work being done through the commercial circle.  "This area right here will be a place where people can congregate,” Lee describes.  “People can come and sit."

The courtyard will have a pentagon shape and become a memorial park area for veterans.  The fountain will be replaced with an eternal flame in honor of Vietnam veterans.  There are already gas pipes beneath the concrete pads making it an easier transition.

There will also be monuments erected representing each of the four branches of the armed forces.  The concrete will be replaced with brick pavers, which people can purchase a brick and have a veteran's name inscribed in the bricks.  The bricks will then be laid in front of their military branch

The estimated cost of the F-15 concrete pad and display lights is under $15,000.  SPLOST pays for the entire renovation project. Lee says the community support is greatly appreciated.  "We're looking forward to it to be able to do this here and spruce this area up,” says Lee.  “We thank the people for supporting."

The F-15 is currently owned by the 116th Airbase Wing.  It is being donated and must be relocated from the base by the end of this month.  The timeline on the courtyard and city hall renovations is undecided.

Also in the plans is to add a hotel and conference center next to the city hall and civic center.

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