Whipple Lue Reinstated as Gordon Mayor

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Updated: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 01:05:28 EST

Mary Ann Whipple-Lue is headed back to her duties as Gordon Mayor, at least for now.

Wilkinson County Superior Court Judge Robert Reeves made the decision late Tuesday.

The reinstatement does have a few caveats, for example the mayor was originally accused of holding meetings in violation of the open records act and voting at times that were prohibited by the city's charter...

Under the reinstatement Mayor Whipple-Lue is forbidden from doing either of those again. She also cannot prevent public safety employees from fueling emergency vehicles, enter the city into any contracts without a vote, terminate any employee without due process or prevent individuals from conducting business in a city owned building.

"If she violates any of them he's got some sanctions that he'll bring up, whatever the law allows." -Terry Eady/Mayor Pro-Tem

Mayor Pro-Tem Terry Eady says the lawsuit to have Whipple-Lue permanently thrown out of office is moving forward with a court date to be set sometime in September or October.

In court July 22nd Judge Reeves made it clear that he'd rather have the two sides sort out the issue on their own or through mediation rather than go back to court, Eady says that is still a possibility.

"We're still open for negotiation or maybe some type of a settlement. We made an offer, we never did hear back from her side of it. Mr.Kendall never responded to our offer." -Terry Eady

No one is sure when Mayor Whipple-Lue will physically return to her office but she is expected to lead next Monday's regularly scheduled meeting of City Council

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