Whipple Lue Returns to Gordon Council

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Updated: Mon, 04 Aug 2014 10:45:09 EST

     WGXA got word of a letter supposedly given to tenants of Prairie Summit apartments offering them a free ride and free beer and drinks if they  were to go to the Monday Gordon Council meeting in support of Mayor Mary Ann Whipple Lue.

     I spoke with two residents of the apartments, neither wanted to go on camera but both confirmed that the letter was distributed to residents at the apartments.
     The flyer featured the name of Whipple Lue's Sister Pam Reaves as a contact and a number that when called went straight to voice mail.

     Once the meeting began everything seemed to run normally, there was a brief argument about the approval of minutes, and then a vote to continue the forensic audit failed.

     But as the council meeting wore on, one thing became apparent to everyone...it was too hot in the building. There is no working air conditioning and the windows are nailed shut....eventually Councilman  Terry Reese passed out.

     Reese regained consciousness fairly quickly and was taken outside...he eventually left the meeting and went home.

     Some people in  Gordon like Drexinal Curtis are glad to have Whipple Lue back and just want to see the community work together.

     "And it was always a good town. And now we just have a new mayor which is her rights, she won it fair and square so it should be getting back to normal and let her do her job." -Drexinal Curtis
     But getting back to normal may be more difficult than it sounds with the lawsuit to have Whipple Lue permanently removed from office still in progress.

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