Wii Therapy for Veterans

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By Linh Bui


Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 01:45:17 EST

Veterans at Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin are enjoying a new therapy tool to improve motor skills and relieve stress. FOX24’s Linh Bui tells us about the surprising new method. Nintendo Wii’s are popular at VA Medical Centers across the country. There have been Wii’s at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin for less than a year, but they're already one of the most popular activities. The games provide an opportunity for veterans to socialize. James Robinson is Director of the VA Medical Center and says, "No matter what your age, a lot of people are still very competitive and like to go back and forth with their buddies and see who's the best at golf or tennis or whatever the game might be." The games also improve hand-eye coordination. Veteran Charlie Duncan says, "I like golf because it's challenging and it really does improve your real game because you get to practice all different type of shots." Veterans stay active by moving around. Veteran Bruce Credle says, "As far as exercising and working out, they have boxing and if you actually box, at the end, your arms are pretty tired so it’s realistic." And for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, the games provide “diversional therapy.” Veteran John Mote says, "It's very entertaining and it kind of puts you in the present time... in the moment. It can be relieving for street and it's a lot of fun." Fun that everyone can enjoy. For example, a veteran who can not lift a bowling ball can lift this little remote.

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